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Universal Plug and Play


  • Voobly does allow the transfer of your premium subscription once every 6 months. Before your premium subscription can be transferred to another account, you must provide the billing information and confirm, that you are the owner of both accounts.
  • Voobly does not allow to transfer your premium subscription, either through gift or sale, or make your password available to others. If you share your account or billing information, you may have your subscription canceled without refund.
  • Voobly does not allow the transfer of premium subscriptions, that have been purchased for a friend using the option “enrollment for a friend”.
  • Voobly does not allow the transfer of premium awards you won as prizes in Voobly hosted tournaments.
  • Voobly premium subscriptions purchases will be applied within 24 hours, as this is not an immediate process. Your request will be handled as soon as possible.

Please start a new thread at the Premium Membership Support using your premium account. A Voobly administrator will deal with your request shortly.

Change Management

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