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Date: 22th February 2015 24th February 2015 24th February 2015
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Clean installation of Voobly client

This article applies to all operating systems.

Please close Voobly first before performing a clean installation.

Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features

Right click on Voobly Game Data and choose Uninstall from drop down

Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\

Rename the folder Voobly in that directory to Voobly_old

Download the latest Voobly client from Voobly web site.

You are done!

Change Management

Version Date Created Author Description
1.0 22th February 2015 [email protected] Initial Release
1.1 24th April 2015 [email protected] Client Update
1.2 06th September 2017 [email protected] Client Update
1.3 06th April 2018 [email protected] Client Update
1.4 11th November 2019 [email protected] Client Update